One day Ashley saw a girl sitting alone at a lunch table. She went and sat down to talk to her, and found out that she had recently become pregnant. Ashley was concerned that this girl’s friends had abandoned her and sat through the whole lunch with her talking. We later heard about this when the girl shared the story after Ashley passed away. This ONE encounter made an impact on this ONE girl’s life. #Flowersforash is about SEEKING out the ONE. It is about thinking of others even when dealing with our own crazy lives. Let me share something about Ashley. While Ashley worked through the trauma of her assault, she oftentimes would be anxious, depressed, sad, lonely, guilt-ridden, and ashamed. It tore us up inside to watch such a beautiful soul dealing with all of these emotions and the PAIN. Many of her closest friends drifted away, and her loneliness grew even more apparent. I would encourage her to go to activities and events, but she would opt to stay home. BUT THEN, ANGELS would appear. A girl from school and church called and asked what she could bring Ashley on a particularly bad day. Ashley said ice cream, and there it was. A lady from our church noticed Ashley wasn’t coming anymore, and she stopped by to BRING FLOWERS, 💐and another time a small gift. A school counselor would WRAP a BLANKET 💛around our beautiful daughter as she asked her about her latest SKETCHES. 🎨An OLDER LADY standing at the florist counter could see something in our daughter’s eyes, and bought Ashley a coffee. A caring THERAPIST commissioned Ashley’s first piece of art. A PROFESSOR wrote a heartfelt letter 💌sharing with Ashley how incredible she was. What these ANGELS do not know, is that some of these moments, these times, were the LOWEST. They gave us ONE MORE day with our sweet girl. This is why we ask you to SEEK. We do this in Ashley’s name. We do this in the name of everyone who has been through a difficult time and survived because of a small act of kindness. #flowersforash #bethe1to #seektheone #bekind #ashleybusby #actsofkindness