Here is where we'll share stories about Ashley, recap events we've attended, and more.
Overcoming Challenges

Overcoming Challenges

Given to the FHS Class of 2019 Every other summer, my family vacations on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.  On the island is an ancient redwood forest called Cathedral Grove. For those not familiar with these giant trees, I want to quickly share some...

Grief and the Real Self

There is a quote from a popular young adult book, “Grief does not change you. […] It reveals you.”* Each one of us who intimately knew Ashley, has been significantly impacted by her death. As I reflect on the past 20 months, I begin to see the shift in each of our...

Ashley Busby Memorial Art Show

THANK YOU to everyone who came and supported our family tonight at Ashley's Art Show. She dreamed of showing her work one day in a gallery but never had the chance. This was the least we could do to honor her. It consumed so much of our time over the last few months,...

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