So many are doing so much good! While we try to spread the message of kindness through our small grassroots efforts, there are others really making a difference in their own personal ways. Two organizations we support are Faces of Fortitude and Annie’s Kindness Blankets.

Faces of Fortitude “lays a foundation of healing through captured portraits of those personally affected by attempted or completed suicide, and provides a safe, stigma-free space for mental health to be discussed, and stories of loss and survival to be shared.” It is an incredible project which will move you through stories and photos of the “survivors”. Look through the stories at

Annie’s Kindness Blankets REALLY falls in the category of making a difference in the lives of others. It “is a pay it forward kindness campaign founded by three young girls that lost their mom to suicide.  We are dedicated to #bethevoice and help stop the stigma around depression & suicide.  Our purpose is to send an everlasting hug to anyone that may need.  To let others know they are never alone.” As I get to know the beautiful family behind the woman lost to suicide, I cannot help but see parallels in our story. If you’d like to see how you can support them, visit their website at