Our sweet artist

Ashley was a talented artist. She carried a sketchbook with her at all times and could produce an incredible piece in minutes. As early as 4th grade, she was drawing detailed pictures. In high school, she worked on several sets for theatre performances with some even winning national awards. Her attention to detail that began as a baby could be seen as a teenager through her art. Ashley also loved to sing, and performed with her high school chamber and jazz choirs. When she was little, she would sit in the back seat of the car and ask her mom to play the Sesame Street CD over and over. She would often serenade her dad with Bert and Ernie’s “Moon Song.” As a teen, Ashley could be heard in her bedroom playing the ukulele and singing her favorite songs. Music made her feel better and she loved to share it with others to help them feel better too.

Her Artwork

Ashley’s memory will always be strong as we remember her through her beautiful art. We’re humbled to get to share it with you.