As we enter the thick of the holiday season, I cannot help but think of past winter days spent baking, shopping, and decorating as a family.  Ashley was born into a family OBSESSED with Christmas. Her Grandma was the queen of Christmas and changed out just about everything in the house to showcase a Christmas theme during December. We don’t go that far, but we always include everyone in the family as we decorate. The tree goes up to National Lampoon’s Christmas, Christmas Story and Ashley’s favorite, Elf.

Emma and I belt out Christmas carols in the car as soon as a Christmas station begins running 24/7. Ashley thought we were ridiculous unless we played Sarah Mclachlan’s Wintersong. Then, she would join in with us with her incredible voice. She sang in the choir at school and her Christmas concert always included a her singing a solo that sounded absolutely angelic. It still gets me teary-eyed to think we will never hear her sing on stage again.

Ashley really did not like all of the hype surrounding Christmas. She typically celebrated in a low key manner. Her favorite thing was going to Arizona to spend time with family.  She would talk about it for weeks. Now we are waiting to go to Arizona without her.  It just does not feel the same.